True to yourself.

Munari Design is a corporate consultancy working with an international scope in the field of strategic branding, integrated communications, and corporate design.

We help clients to build and to expand a successful stature ensuring to stand out from the competition and constituting a long-lasting mark of excellence.

Thanks to unique dedication and flexibility, we craft bespoke solutions that provide a tangible aid to always satisfy each client’s specific aims.

Flash Art.The form of the contemporary.

Solo.A taste for elegance.

Moto Guzzi.Refueling a legend.

Archivio Grafica Italiana.The Italian graphic design archive.

Brera Academy of Arts.The restoration of Napoleon.

Zurich Museum of Design.Nihon Buyo.

Coil.The strength of simplicity.

Center for Finance and Insurance.At the core of precision.

Warm Up.The timelessness of the classic.

Triennale Design Museum.7th edition.

Designculture.The culture of quality.

Placentia Arte.Beyond the contemporary.