Studio Klass
Website for one of the most innovative industrial
design and art direction firm of Milan.
Studio Klass
Website for one of the most innovative industrial design and art direction firm of Milan.
studio klass design website
One of the hero images
from the homepage.
2023 © Nicola-Matteo Munari
2023 © Nicola-Matteo Munari
studio klass design website
The extremely tight margins allowed
to elegantly frame the images
thus emphasising the expression
of an accurate aesthetics.
2023 © Nicola-Matteo Munari
Studio Klass is an industrial design and art direction practice based in Milan. Established in 2009 by Italian designers Marco Maturo and Alessio Roscini, we started to collaborate with them in late 2020 working for clients from the furniture industry.

After three years spent collaborating on works for other clients, we were appointed by Studio Klass the design of their own visual identity, including a brand new website. The website was somewhat the major task in this commission, representing a complete project of its own within the coordinated identity that we designed.

From a communication point of view, the main objective of this task was to express through graphics the dialogue between the two souls of the studio, whose design language is perfectly balanced between a bold and rigorous attitude, which is typical to industrial design, and a more sophisticated intellectual aesthetics, which represents the Italian finest culture.

We therefore developed a visual solution which is based on the combination of two typefaces—an elegant but contemporary serif and a bold sans-serif that we specifically redesigned for this project and consistently used throughout all the identity, from logotype to stationery on to presentations.

This typographic dialogue is expressed in the articulation of pages that are more oriented towards one attitude or the other, always framing the communication in an elegant and extremely accurate layout which is defined by a rigorous grid, very tight margins, black backgrounds, selected images and an incisive colour palette made only of three colours.

By avoiding using any fashionable ephemeral trends such as gratuitous effects or weird-shaped typefaces, we achieved to design a visually strong and aesthetically elegant website, which is clearly contemporary but also timeless.

—Nicola-Matteo Munari

Studio Klass

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