Flash Art.
The form of the contemporary.

Redesign of Flash Art, an international magazine for contemporary art that was founded in Italy in 1967. The project includes the redesign of both the Italian and international edition.

Design Consultation
Magazine Redesign

The magazine has been completely redesigned acquiring clarity, contemporaneity, and visual impact. The layout has been structured on a flexible typographic grid offering higher dynamism to the pages.

The cover has been entirely rearranged by showing only essential information and thus enhancing the visual strength of the images. The standard cover featuring the image inscribed in the square has been joined by a special version featuring a full page image.

The masthead has been completely redrawn with a typeface improving clarity and generating a most effective visual impression. The proposal has not been implemented.

Copyrights of the artworks illustrated above:
© Giulio Paolini (FER Collection, Ulm. Source: Fondazione Paolini).
© Mimmo Rotella (Fondazione Mimmo Rotella, Milan. Source: Artribune and MyTemplArt).
© Nadine Fraczkowski (Museum für Gegenwart, Berlin. Source: SMB).
© Giulio Paolini (FER Collection, Ulm. Source: Fondazione Antonio Ratti).
© Andrea Galvani (Source: Galeria Revolver, Lima).
© Andrea Galvani (Banca Popolare di Bergamo. Source: The Blank).
© Cally Spooner (Source: Whitechapel Gallery, London).